Open Canoes

The classic canoe often called a "canadian or indian canoe"used by indiginous peoples throughout time and throughout the world. Originally hollowed out of a log or created from a thin wooden frame and covered with skins or bark these boats are synonymous with the love of the outdoors and forgotten crafts and skill skills.

The traditional canoe is a superb platform for expeditions, fishing trips and family outings. Highly stable with a large deck space, it is well suited for carrying loads or working from. Small children and dogs feel particulary at home in its cavernous interior. This style of paddling is ideal for those who wish to sit in a boat on a proper chair seat as opposed to on the floor as in the kayak (saves strain on you back and legs).

This style of boat is best suited to sheltered waters such as rivers, estuaries, lakes, canals and on very calm days its also a pleasure to take on the sea to visit the secret coves and bays of our coastline.

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